Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm home.

Good morning everyone. 
I really miss you.
After I returned to my home, I have a lot of things to do.
Though I thought that I didn't cry at the airport, I was impressed so much.
There is not "Hug culture" in Japan.
So I couldn't image what is hug.
This culture is wonderful.
I think it expresses people's true mind. ahhhhh,
anyway, I miss you.

This adress is my first blog in Japanese.


This is my MSN adress.


Please add , all staff of MEI and my friends in AGU and maryland.

Friday, August 11, 2006

University of Maryland

This University is really good and I hope a lot of people will join this program. Thank you Nina!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sooooo Nice program!!!! Thank you Nina and all staff!!!!!

Thank you for wonderful comments!!! We have a lot of free time, so don't worry, Thank you for your care!!!!! I'm really happy to join this program!!!! Yesterday, Nobu and Rikko and Shohei and I enjoyed having dinner with Tim in Italian restaurant!!!! It's really happy and Tim taked us many interesting things. I's about religion, girls , and marrige, and value and so on. As we experienced many field trips, we could see and feel exciting exoerience!! I'll have never forget these days, and I 'll recommend my friends to join this program. In every field trips, Nina teach es me interesting things and important knowledges, so I think my sensibility raise up and I enjoyed many times , compared without people. Ji Won always advise me important points of these programs. While he is really funny and attractive, he is very confidential man! I really respect him. I was inspired his advise from his experience when he 's been to United States. Laura was really wonderful!!!!! I've not ever met suxh a wonderful girl!! She is really kind, and interesting. I wanna speak more more more!!! ahaha. Please talk with me more and teach me a lot of things. thanks. Kevin is really multi talented, (Ji Won too)His class is always interesting, his song is great! He teaches us a lot of experience, thank you. His photographies is really wpnderful!!! Tim is always very good. He talks me not only interestings but also serious things. I enjoyes conversation with Tim. His Joke is really good, it's funny. Hi personality is attractive. I really appreciate Nina , Ji Won Tim, Laura, Kevin, Linda, PotBerry and so on.... ahaha. Thank you very much!!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What have you been up to?

Recent few days, we (including mentors and teachers) look tired. I think really everyone really enjoy this program. In washington post, some people said "WASHINGPON TOST", it was funny. I really excited over seeing. that's wonderful!!!!! When I have question to guide, my legs were shaked because of nervous. So I couldn't listen to answer for my question. Laura told me detail, Thank you.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

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What I feel

In this program, I intend to remember casual English, it is to say, informal English. Mentors teach us a lot of casual English, for example, "What's up?" "How's going?" "What's goin'on?" and so on. It was very funny to teach us "She is hot" "take it out" "I's cool" and so on. We enjoyed field trips, at the same time, we learned how to talk with friends in English. I think it is very important things to learn any languages.


Thank you comments, Nina, Linda and Laura!! We went a lot of spots in D.C. In thse places, I was excited in Lincorn memorial because I love Martin,L,King,Jr's speech. However, we were confused recent hot wave. This day was also too hot!! Everyone really enjoy this program, Thank you Nina, Kevin, and all people.

Monday, August 07, 2006

4 August

Good morning. In Nina" class, we learned how to cleate blog. Including this blog, I have two blogs. another blog is written in Japanese. It was interesting to write something and to open Next Kevin's class, we were divided in some pairs, we learned Washington D.C. Thohgh I didn't know it, his lecture inspired us very much, his class was very fun! and, I ate pizza in cafeteria of university. Though I wanted to order "Seven Up", but I received "Pepushi".ahaha. As I didn't care such a small thing, I did drink it, it was not bad taste. Except me and one people, everyone went to see jazz concert. I know that I need rest regularly from my experience. And my dinner was sandwich of Potberry! It is my favorite spot! After everyone came hotel, everyone including me went to have dinner at Chinese restrant. It was my second dinner in same day. In my table, Laura, Shohei, Nobu and me enjoyed conversation. Especially, our commedian Nobu made us laughed very very very very much!!!!!!! You should see Nobu's performance, I hope so!!!!!

My name is Ryo.

Nice to meet you everyone! My name is Ryo. Thank you for your visit, I am really happy to see you. First of all, I'll introduce myself to you. I'm 19 years old and my birthday is Oct,6. I was born in Saitama Prefecturein Japan. Do you know Saitama? Saitama is located near the Tokyo. It is calld "Bedtown of Tokyo".If you have opportunities to visit Tokyo, I hope you visit ti my hometown, I'll guide you. I'm university student of Aoyama Gakuin University. I've been to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand as a back packer in March of last year. My first trip to United States has started with very long times fright. I've not ever experienced more than 14 hours in airplane. I have to care my health from disease such a economy class syndrome. However, I could see 3 movies inthe airplane. When I arrived at airport, I feel little nervous. When I saw staff, all people releive so much. Thank you, Nina, Kevin, Ji Won, Daniel, Laura, Linda and all staff. I really hope this trip became precious memory. Thank you for your reading. I really appreciate you!

I could't agree more.

My first learning sentence in Maryland English Institute.

I could't agree more.