Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sooooo Nice program!!!! Thank you Nina and all staff!!!!!

Thank you for wonderful comments!!! We have a lot of free time, so don't worry, Thank you for your care!!!!! I'm really happy to join this program!!!! Yesterday, Nobu and Rikko and Shohei and I enjoyed having dinner with Tim in Italian restaurant!!!! It's really happy and Tim taked us many interesting things. I's about religion, girls , and marrige, and value and so on. As we experienced many field trips, we could see and feel exciting exoerience!! I'll have never forget these days, and I 'll recommend my friends to join this program. In every field trips, Nina teach es me interesting things and important knowledges, so I think my sensibility raise up and I enjoyed many times , compared without people. Ji Won always advise me important points of these programs. While he is really funny and attractive, he is very confidential man! I really respect him. I was inspired his advise from his experience when he 's been to United States. Laura was really wonderful!!!!! I've not ever met suxh a wonderful girl!! She is really kind, and interesting. I wanna speak more more more!!! ahaha. Please talk with me more and teach me a lot of things. thanks. Kevin is really multi talented, (Ji Won too)His class is always interesting, his song is great! He teaches us a lot of experience, thank you. His photographies is really wpnderful!!! Tim is always very good. He talks me not only interestings but also serious things. I enjoyes conversation with Tim. His Joke is really good, it's funny. Hi personality is attractive. I really appreciate Nina , Ji Won Tim, Laura, Kevin, Linda, PotBerry and so on.... ahaha. Thank you very much!!!


Blogger Laura said...

Thank you, Ryo!!! I'm so happy to hear all of that! And yes, please do speak more with me!! ^_^

I love how you also included PotBelly's in your thank yous!!! XD

7:29 AM  
Blogger Nina Liakos said...

Wow! It really made me feel wonderful to read your post, Ryo. Thanks for all your kind words! I agree that the AGU in America team is made up of very special and talented people. I really enjoy working with Kevin , Ji Won, Laura, and Tim. They are all great! And I am thrilled that you are so happy with the program. :-)

6:20 PM  

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